Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Script Draft



Scene 1 - Bedroom


*Title: Reality Show appears on the screen.

TV channel switch effect


Joe looks bored, sick of the lack of entertainment on TV.

Flicking through channel by channel, seeking for something to watch to pass the time.

He leaves their seat and goes into the kitchen.


Non diegetic sound leading into the next scene, microwave sound.



Scene 2 - Kitchen


Watching the popcorn spin and pop in the microwave,

The facial expression hasn't changed; looking dull and bored.



Scene 3 - Sitting Room


He sighs at nothing else to do, he continues flicking through channels. A night time scene is shown on the screen then suddenly he looks shocked that day time went to night time. He rushes to the window looking at the sky knowing time changed incredibly fast.

Watcher: What the hell?!

He looks at the TV confused at what he is witnessing.

He returns to his seat and looks at the remote; he points it at the screen and changes the channel.


Scene 4 - Forest

From the click of the remote, the watcher appears to be in a forest. He looks around, shocked into what happened. As he looks around, wondering where exactly he is. He sees a zoologist.

Zoologist: Now if you look closely, you can see our next animal on our ‘to view’ list. A wield Crocodile.

*One of the TV crew throws a toy over on the grass, attempting to make it unnoticeable.*

Joe: Err…Excuse me, where am I-

Zoologist: Oh my god, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found a person living in this forest!

Joe: Excuse me? I don’t live here I just pop-

Zoologist: An amazing discovery, ‘Hello! Do you understand English?

Joe looks at the failure of the show he is witnessing in front of him; he looks back on the remote and presses the Back button.

Scene 5 - Sitting Room

With a click of the button, he’s back in his sitting room. He looks at the remote, thinking to himself he has a slight idea of what to do, and grins.

*Looks at the camera and winks*

Joe: Wait! Since when did I have a camera in my house?

Director: CUT, CUT, CUT! Joe, you’re supposed to wink and press the button. Don’t state the obvious!

Joe presses the button, hopefully returning home or somewhere else…


Scene 6 – Dark Room

Joe appears in a dark room. He looks around to try and figure where he is.

Joe: Now where am I now?

All of a sudden, a red light appears. Heavy breathing, slowly becoming louder.

Joe: W…who are you?

No reply, only to hear the breathing getting louder and louder.

Joe: S...Seriously, this better be “You’ve Been Framed”

Again no reply.

Director: CUT, CUT, CUT. The microphone isn't working… LIGHTS.

Lights turn on showing a man in black with a Darth Vader mask, creating a very anti-climactic moment.


Scene 7 - House

Joe ends up in a random room with two other people arguing. He feels very uncomfortable to do anything.

Girl/Boy: “So who’s he! One of your boyfriend’s mam?”

Mother: “You don’t understand, he isn’t my ‘boyfriend”

Pointing at Joe as he looks very confused in the happening he’s witnessing

Girl/Boy: “WHO IS HE THEN?!”

Mother: “HE’S YOUR DAD”

*EastEnders outro effect*

Joe stares at the two, speechless. Knowing he’s replaced some character in a plot line. Before the theme music plays, he zaps himself out of the awkward situation.


Scene 8 - Bedroom

Nothing happens. Joe looks curious into what sort of thing he’s zapped himself or zapped out of the screen. He looks around, seeing if there’s any difference, any cameras, pop ups but nothing.

Joe: Well this is- what the hell is that?

He looks just below him, subtitles.

Joe: Great. How do I turn this off?

Fiddling with the remote, trying to find out how to turn it off. He accidentally turns on another feature.

(Subtitle actions shown on screen.)

Joe speaks again however; no sound comes out his mouth. He looks down to the subtitles again and notices it mocking him. He gets frustrated, keeps pressing buttons, and accidentally presses the rewind button that stops at the beginning of the scene. However this time he’s aware of what happens and prevents the whole muting accident.


Scene 9 - Stage

Joe finds himself sitting down, with a talk show host. He looks around to see an audience looking uncomfortable.

Host: Hey, it’s okay, things will be fine in the end.

Joe: Wait what?

Host: Joe’s girlfriend is on the show, guys.

Joe: My WHAT?

The ‘girlfriend’ walks on stage.

Girlfriend: HOW *bleeping noise covering the language* DARE YOU? YOU *bleep noise repeated*

Audience looks disturbed by the behavior. Joe runs off stage while trying to press the button on the remote to disappear.


Scene 10 – Bedroom

“Okay so I’m back? Please say I am” *begging*

Mobile phone rings, No Caller ID. Joe answers with a puzzled face.

“Are you alone?”

“Who’s this?”

“I can see you…”

Joe looks up to the stairs and hears a little snicker.

“You’re upstairs…”





Scene 11 – Cookery Class

Titles appear, introducing a cooking show featuring Jack Dodds.

Jack: Hello and welcome to “Weekly Cooking” with me, Jack Dodds. On today’s show, we have a special guest, please welcome Joe Donnison!

The camera moves slightly to the right of the screen, showing Joe confused of his appearance on the show.

Joe: Hi?

Jack: What are we making today Joe?

Joe: Well, we are um…some…food?

Jack: Say what we are making now or I swear to god.  *He whispers*

Slowly lifting a knife up from the bench, while smiling to the camera. While doing so, Joe slowly lifts the remote up and zaps away. Jack then picks up a cake (or anything) up from underneath and places it on the table, smiling nervously.

(Last scene will be posted once completed.)

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