Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Not One But Two


11.    Street

Joe arrives in a strange, dark street. It looks cold and bitter, making him wonder the type of show he is in. He quickly looks around to see if he recognizes it. He pauses as he remembers what the place is. It turns out to be the horror film he skipped before this mad journey took place.


Oh god.

Just down the street, a dark figure appears. Looking directly at him. The dark figure is shown to have a knife. Joe panics to find his way out, he constantly presses the button on the remote but nothing happens. He hears a failure like sound coming from it. He looks around to find a garage door opened slightly. Joe runs towards this as the dark figure runs too.


After getting away, Joe finds himself in a garage that looks deserted. He puts himself to the wall as he hears the stranger run passed. Managing to find a light he explores to find some sort of way out, little he knows the stranger is behind him. After taking a footstep and hearing another come closer, he turns around to find a knife him. Joe screams then the screen goes to a TV channel change effect, to look like the channel lost connection.

12.   Sitting Room

*Zoom out of the screen* revealing the actual happenings was watched. A guy is shown sitting down, reading a TV magazine, he looks up to the screen and looks disappointed.


Is that it?

He then gets his remote and changes the channel.



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