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In 1953 the Company was created and within a year the company became Europe’s largest newspaper, containing twenty four pages. It had its own representation throughout The Crimean War.


Odhams released a monthly home in opposition to Newnes’ Homes and Gardens. The first editor of the new addition advocated again “The erection of hideous houses which go to mar the beauty of what would under any other circumstances be the most idea and beautiful environment” This contrasted the Governments promise to build around 100, 000 houses as past as the “Post War Planning”.


The woman of the IPC had a role throughtout that year. Their duty was to keep hold of the morale of Britain’s women and also supplying essential information for the Government


The life of the magazine staff was never the same after following the 1963 formation of the IPC (International Publishing Corporation) uniting the three rival magazine companies; Newnes, Fleetway and Odhams Press. The traditional competitors realised they were all working for the same parent company: Ideal Home, Ideal Homes & Gardens, Woman and Woman’s Own etc.


The IPC announces the formation of the European Magazines LYD., a joined venture company with Groupe Maria Claire to release the UK edition of the international title Marie Claire in 1988.


The IPC Magazine was renamed to IPC Media in 2000 for a new identity to go hand-in-hand with a technique based on being a brand centric business.


January 2010, IPC Media restructured around three key audiences: men, mass market women and up-market women.

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