Monday, 9 December 2013

Article Draft

Joe Donnison embraces a new challenge this year; this will decide what will happen to the rock star in future. The question is, is this it? Joe has been thinking about whether he should hang up his guitar and put the microphone back in the box or carry on but struggle.

Before the whole situation, lets look back at how he got so far in his career. Joe Donnison is a Modern Rock artist in his early twenties. Born in Manchester, he won a singing competition back in 2007, at the age of fifteen and since then was offered a music career then later on developing his skills playing the guitar which supported him to create his own songs. After a year of training with his nerves keep kicking in, Joe managed to release a single and had a five star rating and became No. 3 in the UK charts. He then released his own album a year later and became No. 1. Since then the mighty rock star succeeded into doing tours, working with Collision in the past few yearsfor charity events. He’s risen so far since the young fifteen year old having nervous breakdowns to a young adult with greater confidence.

Joe has had a rough year with balancing his work and his normal life as one. This July he performed live in the UK and forgotten the words to one of his classics “Hello and Goodbye”, the rock star became frustrated and walked off stage, he then later tweeted on Twitter “I don’t know how I’ve lasted this long.” Fans were outraged for the anticlimactic ending to the July concert; even one said “I’ve been a fan since day one. Always supported Joe when others didn’t, not like it’s noticeable. He shouldn’t over react over one mistake!” From his own view he believes that things are getting too much for him. But if he carries on what will happen? Will he make it or will he lose control.
This isn’t the first time he’s thought of this. Last year he said in an interview “I think I’m done with the whole rock star career”. Joe’s known as an iconic star who’s made it so far in his career since 2007. He would be a huge miss if he called it quits but who knows? Well he does… The other day a fan saw him out with his friends and apparently heard he’s leaving, rumours have said he has interest in acting but if he can’t manage a music career how can he keep up a acting one? However who are we to judge someone.
Joe will be on BBC Breakfast on the 17th December this year and will discuss what he’s going to do with his career.

Q. So Joe, how does it feel becoming so successful?
J. I’m honestly proud of what I’ve done through the years. –Smiles-
Q. So, are the rumours true about quitting?
J. Well…it’s hard to say especially on interviews. I have to be honest I don’t know. If I had a decision I would tell you and my fans but it’s a difficult choice. I’ve had a tough year as my nerves kind of made a return, my last concert for instance. I’m just afraid of making the same mistake.
Q. In the meantime, will there34 be any more music or tours from you? Your fans have become hungry for more music off you.
J. –Laughs- I think so, after all its nearly Christmas so what the hell! I’m actually working on a Christmas song so let’s hope this will enlighten my fans.

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