Thursday, 12 December 2013

ideas of Interactivity

Ideas for Interactivity in my Music Magazine and other music websites allow the target audience to make an account to sign up to look up statuses, photos and videos and rate and comment on them too. Users can also go into group discussions about what they think about their favourite music, music magazines etc. They can even have the feature of rate the site and have a comment if there needs to be any improvement. Even each issue of WHAM itself, rate and comment what was the best bits of it, only to people who’ve read it. Allowing the audience to comment and rate, it allows them to have power and to help us develop how we work with our news updates, competitions etc.

E-media has improved the audience’s way of viewing content and also receiving feedback from them. Sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook which allow users to listen to songs and view music videos and also how the views and ratings of the song or music video. This can encourage artists to know how to present their work to their audience and increase the popularity.

Social Network Uses:

Facebook: Like pages on Facebook for fans to follow, the page will update with posts and will show the audience any further information of artists and music releases.

Twitter: Follow the page and like Facebook, update with news but also the head of the music magazine can ask “Who do you want on the front cover of this issue?”

Instagram: Uploading photos and short videos from gigs.


Questions towards the fans on the magazine for them to answer on online, who ever get all the questions right or mostly will win prizes also second, third and runner up places will also be notified.

Online will make it easier for competition entries too.

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