Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Question 3 Part 6

Open Questionnaire

1.       How old are you?


2.       Male or Female?


3.       Did you enjoy the short film?

 Yes I really enjoyed the short film.

4.       What was your favourite part from the short film?

My favourite part was when Joe was dreaming in his bedroom in the middle of the film.

5.       What was your opinion on the storyline?

I liked the idea of the storyline and found it very interesting how it was based on a true story.

6.       What was your opinion on the choice of locations?

I felt that the choice of location suited the storyline and age of the actors.

7.       How was the acting by the characters in the short film?

The acting was solid and very professional

8.       Would you recommend this to others and why?

I would recommend this as it shows true dedication and grief of a loved one. It aspires teenagers to fulfil their dreams and to overcome obstacles in life.

9.       What was most effective?

The most effective was when Joe was standing behind stage at the end of the stage gaining full confidence reaching his goal. Seeing David, the director, was good also how he told him good luck and “Make him proud”. 

10.   What was your least favourite part in the short film?

My least favourite part in the short film was when Joe was practicing in the living room.

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