Tuesday, 30 September 2014

One Scene To Another

Scene 1 - Sitting Room

*Title: Reality Show appears on the screen.

TV channel switch effect

Joe looks bored, sick of the lack of entertainment on TV.
Flicking through channel by channel, seeking for something to watch to pass the time.
He leaves their seat and goes into the kitchen.

Non diegetic sound leading into the next scene, microwave sound.

Scene 2 - Kitchen

Watching the popcorn spin and pop in the microwave,
The facial expression hasn't changed; looking dull and bored.

Scene 3 - Sitting Room

He sighs at nothing else to do, he continues flicking through channels. A night time scene is shown on the screen then suddenly he looks shocked that day time went to night time. He rushes to the window looking at the sky knowing time changed incredibly fast.
Watcher: What the hell?!
He looks at the TV confused at what he is witnessing.
He returns to his seat and looks at the remote; he points it at the screen and changes the channel.
Scene 4 - Forest

From the click of the remote, the watcher appears to be in a forest. He looks around, shocked into what happened. As he looks around, wondering where exactly he is. He sees a zoologist.
Zoologist: Now if you look closely, you can see our next animal on our ‘to view’ list. A wield Crocodile.
*One of the TV crew throws a toy over on the grass, attempting to make it unnoticeable.*
Joe: Err…Excuse me, where am I-
Zoologist: Oh my god, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found a person living in this forest!
Joe: Excuse me? I don’t live here I just pop-
Zoologist: An amazing discovery, ‘Hello! Do you understand English?
Joe looks at the failure of the show he is witnessing in front of him; he looks back on the remote and presses the Back button.

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