Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Checklist For My Short Film


Scenes and Locations:

Sitting Room – Home

Big Brother Mock Up – Home

Set in a Set – Home

Forest – Wardley

Chase Scene – Wardley/Forest

Jeremy Kyle Mock Up

Dark Room – Theatre

Showcase – Theatre/Dance Studio

Waterloo Road Mock Up - School

EastEnders – School/Home

News Room – Classroom

Cooking Show – Cookery Classroom

Crime (Monologue) – Town?

Horror – Blaydon, street



Joe: Plain t-shirt, jeans, trainers

Big Brother: Joe’s costume

Set in a Set: Casual clothing

Zoologist: Smart outdoor clothing and sun glasses

Chase: Torn up clothing

Jeremy Kyle: Suit, no tie

Darth Vader mask, lightsaber

EastEnders: Casual clothing, mother: smart?

News room: Shirt and tie

Waterloo Road: School uniform

Cooking Show: Shirt and apron

Horror: Black hoodie, white plain mask



TV Remote – Joe

Headset, Camera + Script – Set in a Set

Jeremy Kyle Mock Result Card

Lightsaber + Darth Vader mask

Paper + Glasses

Cooking Equipment – Cooking Show

White Plain Mask - Horror


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