Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Desk Analysis


Length: it lasts 7:44, meeting the typical kind of duration for a short film. 
Story: We are introduce to a student, appears to be alone until he finds a ghost talking to him by writing a conversation on his desk. The question is whether if it's actually ghost or his imagination.
Budget: with the location placed in a school and the boys bedroom, also with having one main character, we see that the short film has a low budget. 
Effects: The short film doesn't use special effects. Throughout the piece, music is used to emphasise the mood and all the scenes to flow. Background noise like the school bell and people talking are used to give an idea of the scene. 
Camera Shots: Close up and extreme close ups are used to show the main characters facial expression to allow the audience to see clearly what the character is like. They're also used to show the conversation on the desk between the two characters. Medium and Long shots are used to show off the location. The opening scene is a corridor and has the character in the centre, showing that he is alone amongst the other students.
Creator: Albert Gonzalez Films, a YouTube account providing films to show off to others.


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