Sunday, 31 August 2014

Analysis: Alone

Length: This lasts 6:10, being over the typical five minute duration.

Camera Angles: Close up shots are used in the beginning, showing each thing the main character is doing while he is working. Reflecting on the stereotypes of an office worker. Close ups are shown throughout the piece to show the smallest detail of what happens. For example, the camera is below the shower cap, the water goes over the lens (obviously protected.) imaging we see what he does. long shots are used for when the character is wandering around looking for supplies, shown in the centre to allow the audience to see he is the only one out there and actually is alone. Medium shots come in during hi search in the house and they follow the characters movement.
Story: We see a person who is the only one who has survived some sort of an apocalypse. We see how alone he is around a empty world. In the beginning, we are introduced to a office worker who then receives a phone call off his partner about people dying, then he wakes up. possibly this dream was like a flashback to when it all began.
Budget: A YouTube account called "Ruffneck101", known for few short films and other videos. From location, this budget was low due to there was around four locations (office, character's home, street, abandoned house). Props used are just general kind of groceries and first aid supplies proving they used what was around but in a realistic way.
Effects: Sound effects like telephone going off, office environment background, and a voicemail message. The voicemail message is vital in the piece as its the characters late partner who sent him it. The message ends with "This message will be kept for three days" knowing that the message has to be listened to other and other again so he doesn't lose the last thing he has of her. There is a flashback of the character driving a car, we see a white blur filter shown to emphasise the scene.

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