Friday, 27 February 2015

Ancillary Task: Review Part 1

The new drama "Dream" has hit the internet dramatically the past week as the story of teenagers issues and inspirations mix in this short film has created such a hype online. Starring Joe Donnison playing the difficult role with the short film written, filmed and even edited by David Connelly.

The story of the issues and inspirations mix together and form a difficult pathway for a teenager as he deals with the odd balance of happenings in his teenage stage.

With the internet ringing with response over the short film, many teenagers suffer the issue of loss and may lose their selves. The film is based towards a young and older audience due to its plot. Most seem Drama is a popular genre to be viewed. So for this plot to be into a drama, it was a strong pair.

Writer David Connelly discusses his views and how he portrays his pathway into a five minute piece.

"I wanted to tell a story, nothing too dark and nothing fantasy like. I thought this through with a lot of care and how to portray what a person would feel. However its not all doom and gloom for Joe’s character, his ‘dream’ gives him hope in success. This is the stir of the story."

The production of this film was short and sweet, it was mostly Connelly and Donnison working together for this film. It was tough for the two as their commitments belonged to other things as well so filming was on and off at times. The filming began December and came to an end in late January. The film was uploaded as soon as the editing was complete.

The views came in incredibly after a few days and started to grow after a week. It’s even been stated to be used as a film for those in a situation of loss to give inspiration. The BFI London Film festival got involved as the short film was played, it even invited down Connelly and Donnison for a panel to discuss what it was like to have this opportunity. The two received an award, the writer received "Best Drama Short Film" and the actor "Strong Performance 2015".

During production, Donnison stated it was a difficult role he took on.

"He guided me with how to feel but yet not allow me to picture myself really in the situation. We had this technique that I found helpful for us both with the script and my skills. We filmed David’s directions then another shot with what my own. Then compare the two."

Connelly did admit directing this film wasn’t easy as he believed he had to be careful.

"Like the script, you’ve got to be careful. I picked Joe because of his capabilities and I wanted to push them. He amazed me and blew my expectations."

Donnison played a difficult role of a teenager experiencing loss but however his dream of performing comes into his life as he’s offered not just a part but the main role in his schools show. Seeing flashbacks on his past that makes sense, we see him deal with his unstable emotions. Joe fights his feelings and copes with things a way you would not believe. The emotional, good feel factor short film has received strong results and made the actor and writer sit back and relax on the thought they succeeded on their goals.

I believe this film presents such a strong piece of drama. The realism shown in this short film holds success and nothing better than a writer and directing take control and give out advice towards an actor. It is something which I advise to those for inspiration.

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