Thursday, 4 December 2014

Change of Plans...

Thinking about my plans and how they would attempt to work. I came to the decision of not doing the Reality Show idea. The reason for this is that for someone like me who has not had any filming and directing experience, i believe it is a hard job to reflect on different TV show styles and sort out costume, scenery. This idea is a good one but i believe its something i cannot do. BUT, i have came up with a new idea that i've already started to write the script and drawn the storyboards for. it hasn't got a name but i will upload a video later to talk about what it is. Joe Donnison, who was the lead for the Reality Show idea, will be in this new idea as it will contain a stronger storyline and a more realistic point of view on things. Most importantly reflects on my past experiences and created an idea that will produce detailed plot with meaning and hopefully inspiration.

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