Sunday, 27 April 2014

Evaluation - Question 3 Answer

The BBC, focuses on the UK due to it being a British Broadcasting company, they work on television work and also online. BBC publishes their media through television (TV is their strongest source of media), radio, magazine, online.

PLC is a media group, known for being the UK’s leading consumers for magazine publishing. They’v also caught attention of 26m of UK adults and around two thirds of UK women (42% of men). who have more than sixty iconic media brands in work with. They create their work and publish it through different platforms such as online, print, events, mobile/tablets.

Bauer is known as the largest and the most successful company worldwide, publishing company owned, a multi-platform UK media group that works on magazines and focus on two divisions; radio and magazine. The company publishes around three hundred magazines set in fifteen countries. They also publish magazines through television/radio stations and online. Their tactic in media has created popularity and also interest from their target audience, with the use of their strategy gives them the upper hand against over companies.
My magazine would compete with other rock magazines such as Kerrang and Classic Rock because they’re all in the same genre of music also the price range for my magazine is £2 and set the release for a fortnight so it isn’t weekly therefore the reader isn’t paying every week. My magazine also contains social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also its own website (link on the content page) so my target audience can be updated with information if they seek any further news. With my website, I’ve also set up a page for my audience to communicate with each other and connect with interests about the subject related. With social networks connected and a website, this will allow feedback coming through easier plus allowing the content published through different platforms.

The media company I would chose to publish my magazine would be Bauer due to the fact they publish to other countries and could create a huge impact in the magazine and the interest from the target audience. However my magazine was in the style of Classic Rock and Kerrang so my other choices would be either the BBC or IPC since they are UK based and bring out my magazine through different platforms, especially the BBC.  Bauer would be good to distribute my magazine as they sell the most magazine worldwide with 300 digital products, fifty television and radio stations.

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